Health, safety


Health and Safety

ARCADE STAR is committed to achieve high levels of Health, Safety and Environmental control and hence have established a Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management System to minimize and control HSE risks under the principle of respect to human life’.

The ARCADE STAR HSE Management System is designed and implemented to protect employees and sub-contractors from HSE risks and also to safeguard the Health, Safety and Environment of third parties who could be affected by the Company’s activities.

ARCADE STAR fully understand their responsibilities for Environmental Pollution Prevention and will undertake, in accordance with legal requirements, to decrease level of pollution arising from the Company’s operations and products to achieve continuous reduction in the impact on the environment.

To comply with these commitments, ARCADE STAR will:

• Work in a safe and environment friendly manner, in accordance with all current applicable HSE legislation and other relevant HSE requirements of our interested parties

• View compliance with HSE legislation as a minimum objective and endeavor to establish HSE Control of higher standards than those stipulated in domestic and local laws.

• Regularly monitor and audit its activities from compliance with the HSE Management Systems, Domestic and International Regulation.

• Only select sub-contractors and suppliers who are able to demonstrate a continual commitment to prevention of pollution and are capable of accomplishing high level of HSE control whilst carrying out their duties.

• Conduct regular inspections and audits on sub-contractors and suppliers to monitor their HSE activities.

• Make stringent efforts to reduce Health and Safety risks in order to achieve our ultimate safety goal of zero-accident.

• Review periodically and upgrade as necessary the HSE Policy document and HSE Management System.

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